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auction platform
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What is Verifyd

A digital platform that ensures the legality of a foreclosure auction by moving the
process from paper to smartphones and tablets

Proves that the foreclosure auction took place at the right time, date and location

Allows sale managers to interact with remote Auctioneers in real time

Delivers real time results to those coordinating the sale, and allows them to Hold, Cancel or Reinstate sales in true Real Time

Provides a Point of Sale System for 3rd party purchases

Lets possible buyers follow the sales and get alerts on their phones

And much moreā€¦

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About Verifyd

Verifyd is the only foreclosure auction platform that can provide the date, time
and location of each foreclosure sale.

  • In 2010

    We became aware that the process for foreclosure cryouts, the act of reading and then subsequently auctioning off the foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps, was disorganized, chaotic and outdated.

  • Verfyd is Born

    We set out to modernize the foreclosure sale day process by incorporating a strong technology infrastructure to carry out the process efficiently, accurately and with a strong emphasis on technology. The resulting technology platform was fittingly named Verfyd.

  • The platform has exceeded all expectations

    As not only are the legalities of the sale confirmed in real-time, but it has also simplified and brought unprecedented reductions in sale time, preparation and labor.

  • 2 years, over 20,000 foreclosure sales and $1.5 billion dollars in transactions later

    Verifyd is readily available in the Google and Apple App stores to be used from any networked smartphone or tablet device.

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